Dining at The Clubhouse

The Clubhouse at Lake Sconti offers a delicious range of dining
opportunities for all occasions. The Clubhouse is the
central location
for the restaurants below.

Mountains Grille.
. . an elegant dining experience with a
panoramic view of Lake Sconti and a backdrop of soaring mountains. The Mountains Grille offers a complete menu and wide wine selection for fine dining.

Black Bear Pub . . . offering a more casual alternative to the Mountains
Grille, the Pub has a fully stocked bar along with the same
delicious menu
and wine selections as the main dining room.

Sunset Veranda . . . outside dining overlooking Lake Sconti is the

preferred dining spot during Big Canoe’s glorious spring, summer and

fall weather.

Duffers Takeout . . . located just steps from the course, golfers needing a

quick bite can do so without interrupting their game. Sandwiches,
burgers and a cold beer are at the ready.